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Fable: The Journey Xbox 360 demo Released


Built from the ground up for Kinect for Xbox 360, Fable: The Journey is a whole new way to experience the deep storyline, heart-pounding action, and picturesque world of Albion that fans have come to know and love in the beloved Fable franchise. Wield magic as a deadly weapon as you defend yourself and your trusty steed in combat against dangerous enemies, engage in hair-raising chases, solve perplexing puzzles, and interact with humorous characters in this action-packed adventure journey to becoming a hero.

This is going to revolutionize the way the Fable saga is played. Fable games have always been intricate, pleasing, fun, and most of all inspiring for all to play. With them adding the Kinect aspect to this beloved franchise,  it can either make or break this upcoming title. We will be reviewing the demo, to give or opinion on this Anticipated title.

You can get your hands on this Gold Exclusive Demo on Xbox Live


For more information on this stay tuned to dK Games for more as it unfolds!

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Capcom announces DLC for Resident Evil 6

Capcom has announced three new gameplay modes coming to Resident Evil 6 as post-launch downloadable content:

  • Survivors Mode will let players respawn as enemies when they’re killed and attack humans. Killing two characters will allow players to respawn as a human, and the last man or team standing wins.
  • Predator Mode has one player take the role of the Ustanak, a “fearsome B.O.W.” that other players will have to try to kill. Players will have to try to kill the Ustanak before time runs out, “or at least survive until the end of the session.”
  • Siege Mode will have two teams (one human, one enemy) and a single non-playable character. The human team will be tasked with protecting the NPC, while the other team will try to kill them. If the NPC is still alive when the game ends, the human team wins.

Credits for the image:

All three modes will support up to six players and will be played using maps from Mercenaries mode. For now, we have heard these are a timed exclusive for Xbox 360 and at this time I can not speculate or confirm what will be for the other platforms. The three modes will be trackable on, the stat-tracking service Capcom announced last month.

Resident Evil 6 will hit Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on October 2nd with a PC version to follow later. Capcom will release a new demo later this month, featuring content from three of the game’s four campaigns.

For more information on this stay tuned to dK Games for more as it unfolds!

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Product Review: Elgato Game Capture HD PlayStation 3/Xbox 360 Recorder


Thats right fans I just purchased the Elgato Game Capture HD Device. So do you know what that means..More videos, more content more reviews, Just more everything!
I am super excited about this because now I can finally launch the dK Games Youtube channel, and have way more to the video game world. I will Write the review once it gets here, and I will edit this post. I just wanted to share with all of the fans whats to come. Not only will I have PC Games on the Channel but I will also Cover Xbox 360, and if things go well PS3 games will be next.


Now according to this device I will be able to record my videos in full 1080p! That means as long as I encode them right it will be full 1080 for Youtube, that is huge considering most channels don’t have 1080, they record in 720 and render in 1080p. So stay tuned fans I can not wait, It should arive some time tomorrow and my firsrt video should be up shortly after


For more information on this stay tuned to dK Games for more as it unfolds!

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Hungry for Borderlands 2, Why wait?


Thats right fans Borderlands 2 skill trees for the four Borderlands 2 classes are officially up on their website. You can head over their now to satiate your hunger for information and decide which character best suits you


Just head to , click on the character you plan on playing as, and check out their skill tree. You can start making decisions now to be fully prepared for when the game releases on September 18 for Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. But until you go check out the skill trees, we offer screenshots for you to look before you jump.

For more information on this stay tuned to dK Games for more as it unfolds!

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So you want to build a home.

So this article is in response to many requests I see on forums, chatroom, blogs and much more. This article will help guide you through Skyrims latest addition known as Hearthfire. Lets face it the DLC instructions are not informative at all, you start the game and wait. Wow thats Earth-shattering Information. *SARCASM*

This guide will start from right after you have downloaded Skyrim for Xbox 360. So Keep your hands, feet and head on the couch at all times and Here is the Guide.

First things first you are going to need to buy one of the three plots of land that are available, once you purchase the land you will be issued a title deed. Here are the locations

  • Helijarchen Hall— which you can purchase in Dawnstar from the Jarl’s Steward. The land is located West of Blizzard Rest and south of Fort Dunstand, and will cost you 5,000 gold. Then you will have to use the drafting table to create your blueprints for the small house, don’t worry It gets much bigger! Once you have acquired the materials and went through all of your crafting options at the carpenters workbench you will see the next set of available options.
  • Lakeview Manor— which you can purchase from the Jarls steward in Falkreath. The land is located North of Pinewatch. Like Helijarchen Hall this location will also cost 5,000 gold. It is unique to the other 2 building sites because it has the apiary(beehouse)
  •  Windstad Manor— which you can purchase from the Jarls steward in Morthal, and this building site is located South of High Gate Ruins. Now this site is unique from the other 2 building site because it features the fish Hatchery, and this site will also cost you 5,000 gold.

So after reading all of this information your probably asking “dK Which spit of land should I purchase?” Have no fear readers you can Buy all 3 building sites, thats right you can have all the benefits of each piece of land. So Now you have the locations of where to buy and where to find, onto the next stage…BUILDING

  1. Set the foundation using the drafting table, and selecting the small house blueprints.
  2. Move to the Carpenter’s Workbench make sure you have the required Quarried Stone and Sawn Logs, aside from your starting materials stone and clay can be mined from nearby sources around your plot of land, but logs can only be purchased from a Saw Mill.
  3. Once you have completed the Small House more options will appear such as adding the Main Hall which consists of a cellar, dining hall, a back room, and 2 bedrooms upstairs.
  4. Now we move onto Wing construction, and no not wings you can fly with, not yet anyways.
  5. West Wing — Now the west wing contains either  Enchanters Tower, More bedrooms, or the Greenhouse.
    North Wing– The available options are Trophy Room, Storage Room, or Alchemy Laboratory
    East Wing — Here your choices are Library, Armory, or a Kitchen
  6. Now after the main hall has been constructed you can choose to remodel your small house into the Entry Hall

An Example of a finished home!

Now I’m sure your probably wondering do I have to do all of this myself? The answer is simple, Yes! But if you act now and read further we will throw in your very own Steward!! Thats right readers they allow you to appoint a Steward to buy raw materials, and equip it with furnishings.
Followers can be appointed your  House Steward. Housecarls can be appointed Steward and doesnt take away a valuable follower(I chose this option) now your probably asking yourself What else can the Shiny new Steward do? Well, your shiny new Steward can be used to purchase Bards, Carriage drivers, Cows, Chickens, and Horses. And help fend off any assaults or Raids on your home.

So im sure by now you are completely pumped up about the adoption sytem, and let me tell you.. I didnt find it that awesome, but others just may. Once your house is finished, the option to move in with your spouse or adopt a child is available. With the children after you adopt them you can give gifts, play games, or instruct them to do chores. There is also an option for the kids to keep pets.

The Children that can be adopted are:

  • Lucia – Child found in begging near the Gildergreen in Whiterun.
  • Blaise – Child found working as a stable boy at Katla’s Farm.
  • Sofie – Child found selling flowers in Windhelm.
  • Aleson – Child found working for the miners in Dawnstar.
  • Samuel – Child from Honorhall Orphanage in Riften.


REMEMBER Occasionally the home will  be infested by skeevers, Giants have been known to attack, and unsavory characters have been known to lurk around that must be dispatched.

For more information on this stay tuned to dK Games for more as it unfolds!

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Is Skyrim Hearthfire worth your money?

With this official add-on to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, you can buy land and build your own home from the ground up – from a simple one-room cottage to a sprawling compound complete with an armory, alchemy laboratory, stable, garden, and more. Use all-new tools like the drafting table and carpenter’s workbench to transform quarried stone, clay, and sawn logs into structures and furnishings. Even transform your house into a home by adopting children.

So, Hearthfire was released on Xbox 360 today, and I am a huge Skyrim Fan, so this purchase was necessary. So does Skyrim: Hearthfire Build the house of your dreams, or does it make you want to scream?

This is setting the foundation for your new home.

Once you set the foundation the real fun begins, you have to use the drafting table and carpenters bench to construct everything. Then you will need to mine, or buy the raw materials for building the rest of your house. To some this could come off as menial and somewhat irritating, but to others this will do exactly as it is meant to, Immerse you into the game further. I myself at times found myself frustrated, and entertained all at the same time.

Your house now has 4 walls and a doorway

As you continue to track down materials and run back and forth from the shops, lumber mill, clay and stone deposits, and the crafting bench your home starts to take form. I think the concept in this Expansion is worth the money alone, but add in the ability to appoint a steward to your home, and this job becomes easier. Not to mention the bandit raids, and skeever infestations.

Now we are adding the roof for our house

Now the small house is completed with garden and animal patch

This isn’t the final house but its the start of the main entrance once you get more advanced into the home building process. Now we will move onto the family aspect of this magnificent addition. So do you think your ready to become a parent in Skyrim? Do we really want more responsibilities of taking care of a full-fledged family? Would you trade in your alchemy lab for a kid’s bedroom set? Trust me you will find all this out once you make your choice to adopt a child.

and this is the Child system


For more information on this stay tuned to dK Games for more as it unfolds!

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Could Dark Souls get Easier?

According to an interview with Dark Souls Game Director Hidetaka Miyazaki over at Metro he may be thinking of adding another difficulty level into the Prepare to die edition of Dark Souls, or He could make the game 10 times Harder by adding a Master Difficulty. In his interview he stated

“It was really a huge surprise for me and I did not expect the success at all. You could imagine how unpredictable it was for me as I still cannot exactly describe it just saying huge surprise here.

To back-up my thoughts on this article Game Director Hidetaka Miyazaki said  “I want my games to be described as satisfying rather than difficult. As a matter of fact, I am aiming at giving players sense of accomplishment in the use of difficulty. 

Having said that, however, it is true that Dark Souls is rather difficult and a number of people may hesitate to play. This fact is really sad to me and I am thinking about whether I should prepare another difficulty that everyone can complete or carefully send all gamers the messages behind our difficult games.”

So only Miyazaki and the furture will tell what his intentions are for Dark Souls, which originally launched on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in October 2011. A PC version, the Prepare to Die Edition, launched on August 24th.



For more information on this stay tuned to dK Games for more as it unfolds!

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Battlefield 3: Armored Kill(Coverage)

With the announcement of Battlefield 3: Armored Kill launch trailer just a short time ago, we dont have very much information on this DLC just yet. We do have this Announcement trailer to share and this awesome HD Screenshot of Carnage! Now the question is Will Armored Kill be worth the 20 dollars to splurge on this additional content?


<iframe width=”640″ height=”360″ src=”; frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>

For more information stay tuned into dK Games as it unfolds!


Borderlands 2 Season Pass and DLC announced


After the release of the game, four brand new add-on campaigns for Borderlands 2 are coming your way, featuring new areas to explore, new adventures to undertake, new enemies to overcome and more. Priced individually at 800 Microsoft Points for Xbox 360 and $9.99 on PC and PlayStation 3, these four campaign add-ons are scheduled to hit by June 2013 with more details to come in the future.

Soon we’ll be offering a “Season Pass” bundle that includes all four campaign add-on packs for 2400 Microsoft Points on Xbox 360 and $29.99 on PC and PlayStation Network — a savings of 25% over buying each campaign add-on individually. The Borderlands 2 Season Pass will be available through Steam, PlayStation Network and Xbox Live and will also be available at GameStop.
Stay Tuned for more as it unfolds

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About State of Decay(coverage)

The end is here. Life as you knew it has gone to hell after the mother of all zombie outbreaks. Now you and the few scattered survivors must band together to survive and rebuild in a 3rd-person action game set in a dynamic open world. You choose where to make your stand, designing and fortifying your home base, performing daring raids for food and ammunition, and rescuing other playable survivors with unique talents. The open, sandbox world develops in real-time, shaped by your actions, dynamically generating content based on your choices and the ever-increasing zombie threat.

State of Decay is our ambitious zombie-survival open world game currently under development at Undead Labs for release on Xbox 360 / Xbox LIVE Arcade and PC.

We’ve all sat around with friends, debating the best ways to survive the zombie apocalypse. Well, the time for speculation is over; State of Decay will let you put your personal survival plan to the test.

Here’s what you can expect to see in State of Decay:

Zombie Survival

What if society came screeching to a halt? What if all our rules and laws no longer mattered?State of Decay brings these questions to life in a very real way. It’s not just about combat; it’s about doing what you must do to stay alive. Food, water, shelter, and ammo — you’ll need them all. Taking you beyond the initial panic, and beyond the first weeks of the crisis, State of Decay is the embodiment of the “What if?” zombie apocalypse scenario.

Sweet Action

Move through the world like a zombie-slaying badass. Dive through windows, jump on cars, and take it to the living dead with baseball bats. Hop in a truck and mow down some undead pedestrians. Break into the local police station and clear out their arsenal or walk into the local grocery store to stock up on your favorite junk food. The world is your oyster…a shiny oyster that happens to be filled with zombies.

An Evolving World

State of Decay is an open sandbox world that develops in real-time, dynamically generating content based on your actions, the choices you make, and the ever-increasing zombie threat. Decide where you’d like to set up a fortified safe haven for you and other survivors you’ve rescued, then form raiding parties to gather resources and create supply chains. Use the materials you’ve gathered to develop your community as you see fit, but be careful — resources will deplete as you pillage areas, and zombies are attracted to noise and activity. Take up the offensive by assaulting hordes before they reach your settlement, or focus on improving your defenses against the massed zombie attacks. Every choice and every action matter in this fully simulated, evolving world.


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