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Fuse Revealed at PAX


Hey fans wish I had more to share with you in this article then what you are about to read but I dont. Heres what i know due to me missing PAX this year I have to go by everyone else. Fuse is W.I.P for those that dont know (work in progress) they released this.


Fuse is  a four-player co-op game, but no other details have been announced. We’ll know for sure next week!
dont forget to check their Website at where you will see the countdown timer for launch.


Borderlands 2 ‘Creature Slaughter Dome’ DLC is GameStop exclusive..

Thats Right folks Gamestop has the Exclusive rights to Creature Slaughter Dome DLC. This Exclusive DLC Features:                                                                   
Creature Slaughter Dome,” is a must buy for any die hard borderlands fan and from the looks of it, definitely looks like money well spent.

This Game definitely falls under #GamesThatDontSuck so check out the trailer below for more details


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