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Product Review: Elgato Game Capture HD PlayStation 3/Xbox 360 Recorder


Thats right fans I just purchased the Elgato Game Capture HD Device. So do you know what that means..More videos, more content more reviews, Just more everything!
I am super excited about this because now I can finally launch the dK Games Youtube channel, and have way more to the video game world. I will Write the review once it gets here, and I will edit this post. I just wanted to share with all of the fans whats to come. Not only will I have PC Games on the Channel but I will also Cover Xbox 360, and if things go well PS3 games will be next.


Now according to this device I will be able to record my videos in full 1080p! That means as long as I encode them right it will be full 1080 for Youtube, that is huge considering most channels don’t have 1080, they record in 720 and render in 1080p. So stay tuned fans I can not wait, It should arive some time tomorrow and my firsrt video should be up shortly after


For more information on this stay tuned to dK Games for more as it unfolds!

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So you want to build a home.

So this article is in response to many requests I see on forums, chatroom, blogs and much more. This article will help guide you through Skyrims latest addition known as Hearthfire. Lets face it the DLC instructions are not informative at all, you start the game and wait. Wow thats Earth-shattering Information. *SARCASM*

This guide will start from right after you have downloaded Skyrim for Xbox 360. So Keep your hands, feet and head on the couch at all times and Here is the Guide.

First things first you are going to need to buy one of the three plots of land that are available, once you purchase the land you will be issued a title deed. Here are the locations

  • Helijarchen Hall— which you can purchase in Dawnstar from the Jarl’s Steward. The land is located West of Blizzard Rest and south of Fort Dunstand, and will cost you 5,000 gold. Then you will have to use the drafting table to create your blueprints for the small house, don’t worry It gets much bigger! Once you have acquired the materials and went through all of your crafting options at the carpenters workbench you will see the next set of available options.
  • Lakeview Manor— which you can purchase from the Jarls steward in Falkreath. The land is located North of Pinewatch. Like Helijarchen Hall this location will also cost 5,000 gold. It is unique to the other 2 building sites because it has the apiary(beehouse)
  •  Windstad Manor— which you can purchase from the Jarls steward in Morthal, and this building site is located South of High Gate Ruins. Now this site is unique from the other 2 building site because it features the fish Hatchery, and this site will also cost you 5,000 gold.

So after reading all of this information your probably asking “dK Which spit of land should I purchase?” Have no fear readers you can Buy all 3 building sites, thats right you can have all the benefits of each piece of land. So Now you have the locations of where to buy and where to find, onto the next stage…BUILDING

  1. Set the foundation using the drafting table, and selecting the small house blueprints.
  2. Move to the Carpenter’s Workbench make sure you have the required Quarried Stone and Sawn Logs, aside from your starting materials stone and clay can be mined from nearby sources around your plot of land, but logs can only be purchased from a Saw Mill.
  3. Once you have completed the Small House more options will appear such as adding the Main Hall which consists of a cellar, dining hall, a back room, and 2 bedrooms upstairs.
  4. Now we move onto Wing construction, and no not wings you can fly with, not yet anyways.
  5. West Wing — Now the west wing contains either  Enchanters Tower, More bedrooms, or the Greenhouse.
    North Wing– The available options are Trophy Room, Storage Room, or Alchemy Laboratory
    East Wing — Here your choices are Library, Armory, or a Kitchen
  6. Now after the main hall has been constructed you can choose to remodel your small house into the Entry Hall

An Example of a finished home!

Now I’m sure your probably wondering do I have to do all of this myself? The answer is simple, Yes! But if you act now and read further we will throw in your very own Steward!! Thats right readers they allow you to appoint a Steward to buy raw materials, and equip it with furnishings.
Followers can be appointed your  House Steward. Housecarls can be appointed Steward and doesnt take away a valuable follower(I chose this option) now your probably asking yourself What else can the Shiny new Steward do? Well, your shiny new Steward can be used to purchase Bards, Carriage drivers, Cows, Chickens, and Horses. And help fend off any assaults or Raids on your home.

So im sure by now you are completely pumped up about the adoption sytem, and let me tell you.. I didnt find it that awesome, but others just may. Once your house is finished, the option to move in with your spouse or adopt a child is available. With the children after you adopt them you can give gifts, play games, or instruct them to do chores. There is also an option for the kids to keep pets.

The Children that can be adopted are:

  • Lucia – Child found in begging near the Gildergreen in Whiterun.
  • Blaise – Child found working as a stable boy at Katla’s Farm.
  • Sofie – Child found selling flowers in Windhelm.
  • Aleson – Child found working for the miners in Dawnstar.
  • Samuel – Child from Honorhall Orphanage in Riften.


REMEMBER Occasionally the home will  be infested by skeevers, Giants have been known to attack, and unsavory characters have been known to lurk around that must be dispatched.

For more information on this stay tuned to dK Games for more as it unfolds!

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What races will Final Fantasy XIV have?

So to continue coverage on Final Fantasy XIV, Here is the race information with pictures included. All information was gathered from their website, and I will continue to bring you the latest coverage on this game as the information rolls in. Here are the Races and information on them.


Over the course of some one thousand years and three great migratory waves, the Hyur have come to be the most populous of the civilized races in Eorzea. Compared to the others, theirs is an average physique, both in terms of height and build. The Hyur champion personal freedom and liberty, and their espousal of an eclectic variety of languages and traditions is a legacy of their diverse heritage―as is their resulting lack of a unified cultural identity.


Though their presence in Eorzea is lesser than that of the other races, the Miqo’te are easily distinguished by their large, projecting ears and restless, feline tails. The ancestors of this line first made their way to the realm during the Age of Endless Frost in the Fifth Umbral Era, traversing frozen seas in pursuit of the wildlife upon which they subsisted. Instinctual territoriality causes many among them to lead solitary lifestyles. Males in particular are said to shy from contact with others.


The Elezen are a characteristically tall people, long of limb and slender of build. They are also possessed of a somewhat extended lifespan in comparison to the Hyur. The Elezen once claimed sole dominion over Eorzea, their presence predating that of the other races, and, as such, developed a heightened sense of honor and pride. In years past, the Hyur migration into Elezen lands sparked bitter conflict. At present, however, the mutual understanding reached between the two races allows them to work towards mutual peace and prosperity.


The Roegadyn are easily identified by their massive, muscular frames. They are descended from a maritime people that roamed the northern seas, though many of their ancestors turned their longships south to brave the crossing into Eorzean waters. Often considered a barbaric race, the fiercely competitive Roegadyn are also known for their compassion and unswerving loyalty. Many of the greatest warriors in history were born of Roegadyn stock.


The Lalafell are a folk both rotund and diminutive. Small by any race’s standards and possessed of a childlike countenance, it proves difficult for non-Lalafell to gauge an individual’s age with any degree of accuracy. Originally an agricultural people inhabiting the fertile islands of the south seas, they found their way to Eorzea via the burgeoning trade routes. Lalafell are welcoming of outsiders, and share prosperous relations with all of the other races of Eorzea.

Stay tuned into dK Games for more as it unfolds. Until then read up on these related articles

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Final Fantasy XIV(Coverage)

So for all you avid Final Fantasy fans, I found this in my twitter feed and decided to share this with all of my fans. So how many of you still play Final Fantasy even after X-2? I don’t ever like to say that a game is completely busted, but in my honest opinion X-2 could have been their downfall. But off of that subject, I saw the trailer for this new FF online game, and almost spit fire watching the party system Pwn the Mobs. So in this article I will share with you the trailer, screenshots, and an overview of this game.


<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”; frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>

Directors Cut Trailer:

Stay tuned into dK Games for more as it unfolds. Until then read up on these related articles

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State of Decay: Q&A – Customization

Q: AbsolutePhenom: Can we play through the game as one character without having to play as other characters? (Assuming we don’t die.)

A: Essentially, yes. There are moments early on where we have you try a second character so you can choose who you prefer as your starting character, but outside of that you’re not actually obligated to switch characters.

Overall, you’ll probably find the game easier if you do use multiple characters. Otherwise, you need to play very efficiently with an eye on your stamina and a focus on choices that boost your stamina overall (good food supply, medical care, a comfortable place to sleep, etc.) or on tools that don’t rely on stamina (cars, guns, explosives, etc.)

If you didn’t do those things, you would want to stop playing for a while when your character became exhausted. Nothing actually forces you to rest or switch off when you’re too tired to sprint, but you’d be at serious risk of death. It would be a very hardcore way to play.

Q: Multiple people: If I play Class 3 cautiously, do my characters have to die? Or does the game assume that you must regularly acquire new characters and shuffle between them?

A: Generally speaking, you will be able to play cautiously and avoid dying. But there’s a difference between what is possible and what is likely for most players. One of our goals, as we’ve balanced the game has been to make deaths always feel like they were deserved. You know you screwed up, and you know you could have done something differently.

Even so, I wasn’t kidding about nearly guaranteeing that you were going to die. I’d be shocked if the vast majority of people didn’t at least lose a character or two while learning the ropes, and I think a lot of players will lose more than that. Not constantly, not every time you play, but when it’s been a while, when you’ve gotten comfortable enough that overconfidence sneaks in. That’s when you’ll decide two bullets, a cracked two-by-four, and a molotov cocktail are going to be enough to clear out a completely infested building.

Q: Bx79: In the design, how many survivors makes the ideal group?

A. That’s really up to your play style. The story doesn’t really force you to rescue anyone in particular, so who you rescue is up to you. It’s a strategic (and moral) choice.

Having more people means having a more diverse set of skills and abilities and means your home is better able to fend off zombie attacks. On the other hand, more people means more mouths to feed and a higher burn rate for ammo and medicine. Recently, I’ve run with as few as three and as many as twelve, but we’re continuing to tune the experience, and these numbers are still very much subject to change.

Q: M: Will survivors (when you are not playing them) be able to decide for themselves to sacrifice themselves for the greater good?

A: That can happen. Your survivors, when not being played directly by you, have their own minds and motivations. When they are in extreme danger, they will make the best choice available. This may mean running away. It may mean going out in a blaze of glory if they think they’re going to die. If you want to keep them alive, you need to defend, protect, or fight alongside them.

Please note that while you are offline, your survivors will not die.

Q: Ryan A: Speaking of greater good, if you were to save someone slow and a bit lame would we possibly be able to shoot him in the leg and use him as bait for zombies if we’re caught in a tight spot?

A: Interesting idea, but no. You could sprint away and ditch him though, or you could throw a noisemaker like a firecracker or alarm clock his way and then crawl into a bush and hide while the zombie hordes are drawn to his location. (Note to self: Do not join Ryan’s survivor cell.)

Q: DarkForceLegend: What happens if you pick a survivor that meets your play style, but the survivor has a bad attitude, or a trait the other survivors don’t like? Does (s)he radiate that same bad aura when you play them?

A: To a certain extent you’ll have conquered some of the psychological issues in order to play as the character. So the bad attitude will primarily be an obstacle to earning trust and building a friendship. Once you’ve got that survivor, you won’t tend to be excluded from content because of their personality, but having characters with traits like “Selfish Asshole” (actual in-game trait) does affect community morale and how eager others will be to share with you.

Q: DarkForceLegend: In regards to my community of survivors…Can I eventually set my community up to run on its own with little to no input from me, or do I have to babysit everyone? Will they eat if there is food and there hungry, will they defend themselves if a zombie trespasses, will they perform their job without me telling them to do so?

A: Even from the start, the community will attempt to manage itself when you aren’t intervening. There are limits to what they’ll do on their own (they won’t tear up a garden you planted or convert the last available space in the yard to a library, for example), but eating food and killing zombies are basic survival actions. They’ll handle that on their own.

Q: Multiple people: Will there be gear and clothes we can use to customize the appearances of our survivors? Will backpacks and guns display?

A: Backpacks do show and you can swap out your backpack (for reasons of aesthetics, weight, noise, or capacity). Unfortunately, stowed weapons do not show and you cannot change outfits. This was really just a matter of development focus. We think those are cool things and changing outfits is absolutely essential for Class4, but we were not willing to push back the overall schedule for this. Ultimately, working on the core mechanics took precedence.

Q: Multiple people: Do all skills start from zero, and characters can only strengthen skills they’re born with? Or can anyone eventually learn every skill?

A: Character progression (and community progression) is worth a whole article on its own. Characters are specialized to some degree; for example, most characters can never learn some of the special things physically strong characters can (e.g., additional combat techniques with a sledgehammer), but the majority of skills and bonuses can apply to anyone.

Q: Multiple people: If time passes when I’m offline, how can I make sure I still have a community/a base when I get back from vacation/deployment/boot camp/overseas work assignment/divorce/birth of a new child? I’m concerned that I won’t have much fun because my base will be overrun (or vanish) when I can’t play for days at a time.

A: We would suck at our jobs if that was the case. Seriously. Only playing once a week is pretty normal for some people. Taking a break for a month is something that happens sometimes, too. We are balancing the game with that in mind. (You may have heard rumors of the crazy hours that game developers work. Sad as it is, that means I don’t have time to play games every day. So think of it this way: I’m not going to screw myself.)

We probably want to write a full article about how the world simulation works, but I can tell you some fundamental features of the system: The fact the world continues while you are logged out isn’t implemented as time pressure to force you to log in every day whether you have time or not. In practice, there’s no reason that being logged out for a week has to be all that different than being logged out for a day. These are balance factors we can tune.

The core point is that whenever you are away for a while, the state of the world will evolve based on how you left things. If things are basically in good shape, you will come back to find your survivors rested and some resources stockpiled (garden advanced, etc.). Invariably, the threat will ramp up a little too, with things like increased zombie activity in areas where survivors have been active, and maybe some new challenge like a disease outbreak, but these are meant to set the stage for how you play, not substitute for you having played.

And just to be clear: your home will NEVER be destroyed while you are not playing. No matter what shape you leave it in. What kind of game designer would have a moment like that happen when you can’t be traumatized by it in person? (Well, hopefully one who had some slick storytelling in mind. For this kind of game though, we want you to see and experience the trauma firsthand whenever possible.)

Q: It would be nice if there was a “normal” mode and an “easy” mode. This way the normal mode players can have their worlds continue even when they aren’t playing and the easy mode players can have the world stop when they log out.

A: A big thing to keep in mind is that the events that happen while you are logged out aren’t all negative. If the world simply froze, your characters would never rest or fully heal up. The game is really designed to be a balance between these two elements, set up the world state with your actions and then reap the benefits (or detriments) the when you return.

Part of what shaped our thinking is that Class3 is a precursor to an online world game. The world won’t stop for you in Class4, so we have to make sure all of these mechanics are fun and well-balanced in Class3.

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Fuse Revealed at PAX


Hey fans wish I had more to share with you in this article then what you are about to read but I dont. Heres what i know due to me missing PAX this year I have to go by everyone else. Fuse is W.I.P for those that dont know (work in progress) they released this.


Fuse is  a four-player co-op game, but no other details have been announced. We’ll know for sure next week!
dont forget to check their Website at where you will see the countdown timer for launch.


A Closer Look into Skyrim Hearthfire

With Skyrim’s latest game add-on, players can build their own home from the ground up. Beginning with a small, one room cabin in The Pale, Falkreath, or Hjaalmarch, players can eventually build a fully functioning home with more features than you could expect. In many ways, this house-building process is analogous to the evolution of Hearthfire’s development.

Wisnewski, an environmental artist for Skyrim, was inspired to expand upon the game’s housing options in large part because of his enthusiasm for Skyrim’s crafting systems. “It started as a small idea to expand on the crafting element of the game because alchemy, smithing and enchanting were things I was interested in when we were playtesting the game,” said Wisnewski.

Meanwhile Nesmith, a fan of the popular game Minecraft, wanted players to have more ways to create content in the game. “Being a fan of [Minecraft], I asked, ‘Why can’t I build things in our game?” I know by hearing this our readers are smiling and saying yeahhh! I know we have asked this question since the creation kit came out for PC. So seeing the fact that Bethesda is thinking like their fans is a huge breath of fresh air, and this will help Bethesda become even greater than what they are now.

In the new year, Kuhlmann and Wisnewski continued to flesh out ways players could trick out the houses they were building: a greenhouse for growing new alchemy ingredients, mannequin displays to show off weapons and armor, and even the ability to add multiple porches to the home. This will add the maximum amount of immersion to the already vast World of Skyrim. Also keep in mind that Home building should be exciting to have our own homes in the Game. It is kind of like mixing Minecraft, The Sims, and Skyrim all in one Game.

“We even were able to add a wine cellar!” Wisnewski stated with excitement. “Anything you can think of that you’d want to have in a Skyrim house is here.”

Like Wisnewski, Kuhlmann enthusiastically speaks about some of the content’s features. “I love the room with all the trophies that Robert made. He went a little nuts on that. The greenhouse is also cool, since you can grow plants inside your house, and little critters start to appear,” continued Kuhlmann, “You can also get a bard. You can hire him and have him sing songs in your house. That is, until you get tired of him and then you can fire him.”

With the introduction to the adoption system, this could carry over into the next chapter of Elder Scrolls, Could the Next Hero be the child of the Dovakihn? Speaking only for myself in this statement, I just realized how essential having an in-game spouse is, imagine having a steward and a home full of kids to take care of things while you go out and hunt and dragons, which is made way easier if you choose to side with the blades.


“The idea of adoption came to me after the Dark Brotherhood questline was presented,” Cornett recalled. “After first seeing the [Innocence Lost] questline, I asked, ‘what happens to the kids? What happens to the orphanage after the quest is completed?'” Hearthfire provides the opportunity to answer these questions, as the concept of adoption seemed a natural fit with the idea of creating a household. “Build your own house lets you make a house and adoption lets you make it a home,” explained Cornett.

The evolution of both house building and adoption through time has made Hearthfire a project the team is proud of. “The  scope of Hearthfire blows me away. It’s one thing to say you’re going to add these things, and it’s another to see a small team build something that’s so complex and rigorous and have all those pieces, ” concluded Nesmith.

Stay tuned for more as it unfolds!

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Borderlands 2


About the Game:

A new era of shoot and loot is about to begin. Play as one of four new vault hunters facing off against a massive new world of creatures, psychos and the evil mastermind, Handsome Jack. Make new friends, arm them with a bazillion weapons and fight alongside them in 4 player co-op or split-screen on a relentless quest for revenge and redemption across the undiscovered and unpredictable living planet.


Borderlands 2 follows the story of four new Vault Hunters as they fight to free Pandora from the clutches of Handsome Jack, the brilliant, charismatic, and utterly despicable CEO of the Hyperion Corporation.

Players will fight across the whole of Pandora to stop Jack from awakening an ancient alien evil known only as “the Warrior.” Their quest will bring them into contact with some familiar faces from the old game – most notably, the original four Vault Hunters: Roland, Lilith, Brick and Mordecai. They, along with some brand new characters, will help players defeat Jack, destroy the Warrior,

Release Date: September 18, 2012
M for Mature: Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Language, Sexual Themes, Use of Alcohol
Genre: Action
Publisher2K Games
DeveloperGearbox Software




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