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Merle is back, does that spell trouble for Rick?

Looking at Merle, piercing us with his  stare and metal-encased stub of an arm, it makes us wonder why Merle Dixon survives to return in Season 3 of The Walking Dead. Having sawed off his own arm to escape a hallucinatory wave of zombies at the end of Season 1, Merle is back, now with pirate like feature to add to his colorful personality.

Micheal Rooker, who plays the brother of Daryl Dixon, talked to Comic Book Movie about the return of southern extremist, Merle, who had built up a fan base in his absence. When asked in his interview whether it was difficult to portray such an explicitly vicious character, Rooker was all pro:

Nah…I mean being uncomfortable is a good thing for an actor. How I feel as a person can’t be allowed to influence all of what I do as a character. And Merle is definitely a character.

For not appearing in the original comic series, Merle is unique to the TV show. Rooker feels that this gave him more room to make the character his own, with his southern upbringing playing a crucial part in Merle’s development. It makes us all wonder what do they have in store for Rick and the other survivors, and most importantly what will happen with Daryl?

Season 3 of The Walking Dead airs on October 14th.

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