Obsidian Project X, what could it be?

So upon investigation into Obsidian to see what they were up to, I went to their website and stumbled upon this

for their landing page.

Now once you click on the image it takes you to their forums with this Greeting you, Project X Speculation?

So could this be, the new Dungeon Siege, there is also speculation about this possibly being a Kickstarter Project for Obsidian, Fans want it to be Fallout 4 so bad, but we all now Bethesda will do that internally, so what do you all think this could be? Let us know in the comments below, tweet this article, paste it all over the net, let’s get to the bottom of this mysterious Project X. I will leave you with this Hidden clue

<!– To tenderness, fellowship. To fellowship, vigilance. So bring we all to the Night Market. I am the Spindle of Esenath. Know me by my light and stand with me in darkness. –>

For more information on this stay tuned to dK Games for more as it unfolds!

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