State of Decay..Vehicular Zombicide

So Over the last few days we have given you as much coverage as possible from home, only due to the fact that PAX sold out before i could buy my badge. So with that said we would like to cover the vehicle mechanics of this awesomely anticipated game.

There are ten base vehicle types, these include  the muscle car, the wood-sided wagon, the workhorse pickup truck, the hatchback, the little sedan, etc. Each of those basic models has at least one major variant, all the vehicles come in multiple colors and conditions.This image came from with this above it

“I’m not sure where this image came from, but some of the in-game cars just might look something like this:”

With this being posted on their website, this could only mean that this game will be the Be All of Zombie Games. In this game they cover every aspect of survival in a zombie Apocalypse.

Stay tuned into dK Games for more as it unfolds, until then check out these related articles
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